The Ultimate Pet Kit

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Curobuddy pet kit:

1 x Regen Care Spray (100ml)

A must have for every pet owner. Our proprietary extract DermaXan is the solution for cuts, wounds, skin infections (bacterial/yeast infection) or hot spots (redness, swelling, hair loss) problems. It is also painless on the skin and is designed for easy and quick application - just spray on the skin and leave it!

1 x Antibacterial Spray (100ml)

Painless and all-natural ingredients. Kills 99% germs and bacteria. It is alcohol-free and can be applied on your pet’s paws and coat on a daily basis. Contains Tea Tree essential oil.

1 x Pet Deodorizer (250ml)

After some fun time at the park, this deodorizer with peppermint and sage essential oil helps eliminate nasty odors and leave your pet feeling fresh! This deodorizer has no harsh chemicals, safe and non-toxic.  Contains Peppermint and Sage essential oil.