The Good Kit

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Curobuddy's "The Good Kit" consists of:

1 x Regen Care Spray (100ml)

A must have for every pet owner. Our proprietary extract DermaXan is the solution for cuts, wounds, skin infections (bacterial/yeast infection) or hot spots (redness, swelling, hair loss) problems. It is also painless on the skin and is designed for easy and quick application - just spray on the skin and leave it!

1 x Antioxidant Spray (100ml)

A spray packed with protective antioxidants to boost the skin’s defenses against pollution and environmental stressors. Contains gentle doses of chamomile, lavender and rosemary for healthy skin and a smooth, radiant coat.

1 x Antibacterial Spray (100ml)

Alcohol-free sanitizer for pets. Can be applied on pet’s paws and coat on a daily basis, especially after a day out. Contains Peppermint Extract.

1 x Flea & Tick Prevention Spray (100ml)

A natural, plant-based way to protect pets from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. This spray is gentle on the skin and coat, and can act as a shielding layer for you and your dog. Human-friendly.


All products contain Mangosteen Skin Extract as main active ingredient. All Curobuddy's products are chemical-free, alcohol-free and formulated using ingredients that are safe for you and your pet.