From a pet lover to another.

Kind skincare for pets.
Curobuddy wants to solve the frustration of every pet owner who are looking for effective, all-natural, painless products for their pets. Skin issues is one of the most common problems with cats and dogs and it is our responsibility to help them feel better. Healthy skin = happy pet. Humans have a daily skincare routine, we believe pets should have the same.
We're on a mission to help dogs and cats live their best lives by providing all-natural, conscious skincare for pets. 
A family-owned small business.

The idea of Curobuddy came from our dog, Euro. Euro always has skin problems and as pawrents, we have been through so much (diet changes, creams, medications) to find ways to “cure” him. His skin is always sensitive, inflamed and even suffered from infections a couple of times. Through this all-natural, painless product, we were able to keep Euro’s skin happy and healthy! We hope to be able to share this with other pawrents who are going through the same journey. 
Euro is a 12 year old Shih Tzu. He loves rolling on soft carpets while enjoying his favourite treats. This is Euro living his best life ❤️ 
We want to give back. 
We owe it to our furry best friends and Mother Earth to do good as a brand. We’re constantly thinking about sustainability via better sourcing, packaging, distribution and operations. Starting small, we will donate RM1 of every order purchased to a pet welfare community.